The Voyage is the Destination

Our Story

Sarah and I started Voyager Made to build products that we wanted to use ourselves, but that we couldn’t find, or were poorly designed. We love the outdoors, and I love to build. My entire life I have been tearing things apart and putting things together. The Makers movement has swept the world with accessible design tools, production methods, and open sales and distribution channels.  The time has come that inventors, builders, and makers, have the ability to not only design or sketch their ideas… but to make and sell them. We are dedicated to making products right here in our community. We believe we are at the brink of a new era of cottage manufacturing that will shape the next generation of innovation. No longer will products be tied to the long and expensive process of manufacturing that has tied us to one size fits all and limited innovation. The time has come for those that dream it, to build it.

You are not buying a product mass produced, boxed and shipped with a faceless  bar code, you are buying a product designed and manufactured as a passion. You can call me directly, you can request a custom part, you are the best part of this voyage.

Its our promise to build you the best quality outdoors products and stand behind them as if every customer were family. Your purchase is not the end, but rather the beginning of the voyage.

Sarah  & Matt

Sarah & Matt